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The Heys Primary School The Heys Primary School

Year 3

Summer 1

Welcome back to a new half term in year 3!

Mrs Shepherd, Miss Hewitt and I are extremely impressed with the progress made by all children so far this year. Keep going with your fantastic learning year 3!


On this webpage you will find information about what we are learning this half term, key events, pictures of the children's learning and useful websites to visit. 


If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to send me a dojo message and I will respond within the working week. 


I am looking forward to seeing all the progress the children make this half term!

Miss I Sidebottom

and Belonging - The U.K


This half term in our writing we will be learning how to write persuasive letters and play scripts.


We will look at each genre of writing in detail, understanding key features and content to include, before writing our own. 

All of our writing this half term has a theme - The Queen!

In the build up to the Jubilee, we are writing a persuasive letter to the Queen to persuade her to buy our hats that we have designed for her!

In maths this half term we will continue practicing our multiplication and division while also learning how to find fractions of amounts and add and subtract fractions with the same denominator. 

We will then begin to look at money. We will be able to identify coins and notes, make amounts of money and add and subtract money. 


Please ensure you are frequently using TTRockstars at home. It is great to have a quick recall of multiplication and division facts.

This half term, as scientists we will identify parts of plants and understand their individual jobs. We will also learn what is needed to grow plants successfully. We will set up enquiries, recording our results in diagrams and using standard measurements. We will understand what it means to perform a fair test. 

Our discovery topic this half term is continuing to be 'Identity and Belonging' this time with a focus on the U.K and the Queen. 

We are linking this to our geography learning about the U.K. We will be recapping the countries within the U.K, the counties that the U.K is split into, the Queen's residencies within the U.K and the coasts in the U.K.


In Computing we will be learning to code using Purple Mash. We will understand what a flowchart is and how they are used in programming. We will also learn about timers and which timers are appropriate for different purposes. We will build our skills and knowledge and finally design and create an interactive scene. 


In Art we will be learning how to improve our mastery of techniques when sketching. We will be looking into the famous artist Kelvin Okafor.


We are introducing a second P.E lesson in the curriculum once ever fortnight and for this we will be learning to develop our throwing, catching and batting skills to outwit our opponents and win a game.

 We will learn to demonstrate a growing understanding of the difference between attack and defence (batting and fielding). The game we will be focusing on to embed these skills is cricket.