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The Heys Primary School The Heys Primary School


Health Week

Cosmic Yoga

Inspirational Athletes

Fitness Challenge - How many can you do in 60 seconds? We did sumo squats, round the world, burpees and many more. (Some of us were struggling to walk the next day!)

We came up with our own designs for the PE kit at The Heys. We also designed a medal.

We used our listening and appraising skills to comment on music related to sport. First we tried to guess which sport the music was related to, then we watched the sport performances.

Football with year 4. We played matches in our colour teams and practised our ball skills.

On Tuesday afternoon we had a dance off in class.

We learnt that a lot of children in England are obese, so we designed a poster to persuade them to take up a new sport.

Dance Days

We learnt about indoor skydiving, a sport year 3 were not familiar with. Then we designed a new suit for Mrs Sandiford.

In maths, we collected data about our favourite sport using tallys and bar charts.

Fruit and vegetable tasting - look at our lemon and lime faces!

Outdoor adventure activities; communication and tactics.

Year 3 have been learning why we need to communicate within our team whilst developing different ways of communicating.

Orienteering- The focus of the learning was to introduce the concept of a map or a plan and to be able to use a key correctly to help us navigate.

Orienteering: Creating maps and understanding how to use them

Creating and applying simple tactics: Noughts and Crosses