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The Heys Primary School The Heys Primary School

School Day



• Children will need to be dropped off at their allocated gate at their allocated time by ONE adult. (please line up at the gate ensuring social distancing is maintained at all times)
• Please say your goodbyes as you approach the school gate.
• As your child enters the gate there will be a member of staff to greet them and they may take their temperature (no contact).
• Your child will be directed or escorted to their classroom where they will wash and sanitise their hands. This will be their designated bubble and your child can only mix with other children within their bubble).
• Your child’s class teacher will show your child where to sit and children will put their coats and bags on the bag of their own chair (Lockers will not be used, however we will review this when possible.)
• Only send essential items into school with your child – Thank you.
• Registers will be taken
• Lessons will begin (Maths or English)
• Staggered breaktimes (Each bubble will have their own zone within their designated playground).
• Lessons continue (Maths or English)
• Staggered lunchtimes in the school hall. Additional safety and cleaning regimes will be in place.
• Children will either play out before or after they eat depending on the allocated times for their bubble)
• Afternoon registers will be taken
• Lessons continue (Enquiry based learning)
• KS1 children will have staggered afternoon play times
• Staggered home times
• Children will be escorted back to their allocated gate at their allocated time to meet their parents at the gate.

As a school we are following all government guidelines to keep your children as safe as we possibly can. We kindly request that you assist us in doing this by social distancing when bringing your child to school and waiting at the gate, arriving and collecting on time and ensuring that your child brings everything with them that they will need for the day. Parents will not be able to drop items / lunches off at the office (this is to ensure no cross contamination between ’bubbles’). Throughout the day children will regularly wash /sanitise their hands.
Your child will not need to bring their PE or Forest School kits with them in the first week. Class teachers will inform you which days your child will need to bring their kits in.





September 2020 


To comply with Government guidelines, we have made slight changes to the times and entrances/exits that children will use in September.
We will be using three different gates.
• Gate 1 is the top double gate on KS1 Playground.
• Gate 2 is the bottom double gate on KS1 Playground.
• Gate 3 is the EYFS gate located behind the car park.

Please pay particular attention to the gates and current times relevant for your child(ren) and ensure that they arrive and are collected promptly. Children can only use the specified gates for their class and cannot enter or exit through the school office – this is for the safety of all children, staff and parents and helps school to maintain ‘bubbles’ within school to maximise safety for all.
We will continue to follow current Government guidelines and if we are in a position to review the staggered start and finish times, we will update you.
To maintain social distancing and safety for all children, staff and families, we respectfully request that children are dropped off/Collected by ONE adult at their allocated gate where they will be greeted by a member of staff. As soon as your child has entered the gate please move well away from school premises to allow the children from other classes to enter safely.

Class          Start Time     Finish Time     Gate
Nursery        9:15am            11.50am        EYFS Gate 3
Reception    9:05am              3:05pm        EYFS  Gate 3
Year 1          9:00am               3:15pm                 Gate 2
Year 2          8:55am               3:20pm                 Gate 2
Year 3          8:50am               3:25pm                 Gate 1
Year 4          8:50am               3:25pm        EYFS Gate 3
Year 5          8:55am               3:30pm        EYFS Gate 3
Year 6          8:55am               3:30pm                 Gate 1


If your child is absent for ANY reason you MUST telephone the school office on 0161 330 1847 and leave a message on the absence line informing us of the reason for the absence.