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In PE this week, we have been working on our batting and bowling skills

Science experiments: Year four have been learning about teeth. We set up an experiment to find out about the importance of brushing our teeth!

This week in guided reading, we have been discussing the text and answering questions in our groups. We have been highlighting the relevant information when finding evidence from the text.

We have been using hundred squares and beadstrings to investigate decimals.

As part of our coronation celebrations, we have been using 2animate on purple mash to create our very own animations of the ceremony.

We have been using place value counters to explore decimal numbers

We have been storyboarding Theseus and the Minotaur

This week we have been reading and listening to Ancient Greek Myths. Together we created a list of success criteria and will use this information to plan and write our next week.

Year four are looking at patterns in art. This week we spent some time outside looking for patterns around us. We then sketched some ideas, which we will use later for our project.

Today we have been editing our writing. We like to do this in pairs so we can read our work aloud, which helps us to see what we need to change.

This week we have been learning about electrical components and managed to successfully create our own circuits!

Today we have been learning about the Ancient Egyptian afterlife. We wrote speeches to the God Anubis and acted out 'The Weighing of the Heart'

Equipment helps us to learn our times tables

This week we have been learning about the water cycle. We acted it out in the hall and repeated the words as we went along.

In science, we have been investigating sound proofing.

In SCODE we use games like ‘rock, paper, scissors’ to help us learn our spelling codes

Year four created some harvest artwork. We looked at the harvest moon and what this meant to farmers. The children spent the afternoon creating these amazing pictures.

In English, we are learning how to create and use fronted adverbials. Today, we started with a main clause and added the fronted adverbial.

In our SCODE (spelling) lessons, we smash the words to see how many syllables they have.

Year four went on a sound walk today (2.1.22)

In science, we have started learning about plastic pollution in our seas and oceans.

Motty the mascot got in on the action during maths. The children were looking at Roman Numerals

Getting musical with Mrs Atherton

Topography! Our finished continents.

Year four are exploring numbers with four digits. We played a game called nice or nasty which involved us having to place numbers in the right column to get the hugest or lowest value.

In Geography, we have been looking at maps. Today we started a ‘topography’ project. Each group sculpted a different continent out of clay. We concentrated on the different heights of land. Once they are dry, we will paint them and add a key.

Today we created maps and navigated around them using the 8 points of a compass.

This week , in English, we have started studying ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’

In English, we have been learning about expanded noun phrases. We played games to help us understand how to modify our sentences.

Today we worked in teams to create maps of the school and used our orienteering skills to talk about them and move around them.

Playing games helps us to learn about place value in maths

Our first Friday PE lesson was a hit! The children are learning about orienteering this half term. Today we created our own maps and gave each other directions as we moved around them.

Year four have been studying ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers. Today we created our own art work based on the illustrations in the book. First we discussed the features, then we sketched our ideas. After that, we drew our outlines then brought them to life using pastels.

Learning our times tables