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Length and Perimeter

Division - 2 digit by 1 digit

Multiplication - 2 digit by 1 digit

We have been using our reasoning skills to solve multiplication problems.

We have also been looking at how to make numbers 10 times bigger.

Maths Week

We have learnt about about Marjorie Lee Browne, a famous mathematician. Each group produced a fact file about her life.

Mr Madden came into class and we interviewed him about how he uses maths in his job.

We have been looking at repeated addition and multiplication

We used Purple Mash on the iPads to answer questions about multiplication and arrays

We have been looking at and making arrays with cubes. We had to identify the repeated addition and multiplication calculations.

Multiplication- We have been looking at making equal groups

In maths, we have been looking at adding and subtracting 1,10 and 100s using dienes, place value charts and column addition and subtraction.

We have been using Hundreds, tens and ones grids and place value counters to represent numbers up to 1000

Partitioning using the part-whole model

How many ways can we build '41' using base 10?