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Celebrating each other

Starting the year with a bang! For the first thirty days in year four, we will be celebrating a different child each day. The children have written their names along with an activity they enjoy doing on a piece of paper, and it has been put inside a balloon. Each day I will burst a balloon and the whole class will celebrate the chosen child and we will all take part in their chosen activity.

Max was our celebrated student today (5.9.22)

James’ balloon was chosen on 16.9.22

Mominah’s balloon was chosen today! (6.9.22)

Alisa was celebrated on Tuesday 14.9.22

We ended the week celebrating Arya (16.9.22)

15.9.22 was all about Jaidyn

Today (7.9.22) Zaid was chosen to be celebrated.

Aimee was our celebrated student on 9th September

This week’s first balloon was for Ariana

Omair’s balloon was chosen on Thursday (22.9.22)

Today (23.9.22) we celebrated Urwa!

Leo was our celebrated student today (26.9.22)

Kayson’s balloon was chosen today (27.9.22)

28.10.22 was Tyler’s day!

Lily was given the compliments today!

Today (5.10.22) we told Giselle how wonderful she is!

On 6.10.22 it was Sami’s turn to be celebrated.

Today we celebrated Sonia (6.10.22)

Jake’s balloon was chosen and burst today! (7.10.22)

Ben was the celebrated student today (10.10.22)

FIFA’s balloon was chosen today! (11.10.22)