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The Heys Primary School The Heys Primary School

Science Week

Science Week 2022


This years Science week theme has been Growth. 


Each class has been given 4 sunflower seeds.

All classes planned and begin their investigation during the week.  We will compare results at the end of the Summer Term. 


Challenges are;

Nursery and Reception 

Can you plant the seeds and look after them? 

How should you look after them?  What will they need?


Year 1

What do seeds need to grow? 

Investigate why seeds need soil. 


Year 2

Which conditions will be best for growing your sunflower seeds?

Investigate: seeds and bulbs germinate and grow into seedlings and they need light to do so.


Year 3

Will the size of the pot effect how a sunflower grows?

Plants need certain things to grow: air, light, water, nutrients from soil, and room to grow). These vary from plant to plant.


Year 4

Investigate if temperature effects growth.

Set up simple and practical enquiries, comparative and fair tests.


Year 5

Investigate if different types of soil effect how a plant grows.

With prompting, recognise and control variables where necessary.


Year 6

Investigate if plants grow better with fertiliser in the soil.

Plan different types of scientific enquiries to answer questions