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Unfortunately not all content online is appropriate or legal and with increased internet usage, it is possible you or your children may come across harmful content online. Please click the link above, this will take you to the website to report harmful content. 



I have added a range of abbreviations that you may want to be aware of to support with when you are monitoring your child online. 


FYEO - For your eyes only

55555 - Crying my eyes out

FEELSBATMAN - Feeling negative

AITR - Adult in the room

999 - Adult in the room

NIFOC - Naked in front of the camera 

PAW - Parents are watching 

BRBB - Be right back babe

Please read the below information about an app called 'Discord'. This app is for children aged 13 and above.

Please see attached information about a 'blackout challenge' that is currently circulating on social media.


Snapchat has launched a new update for their social media app with a new ‘Meet Up’ feature. This feature located within the SnapMap section of the app allows for people to view your location and get precise directions to you via Google or Apple maps without any warning or notifications. 

Guidance for parents would be to check your children’s accounts.
- Ensure they only have friends added to their account
- Their account is restricted with the correct settings
- Their snap map location is set to ‘Only Me’
And you regularly check your children’s phone to ensure all of the above are being stuck too. 

Please share with families, friends, schools and the wider community.

Internet Safety at The Heys 


At The Heys Primary School there are robust procedures in place to ensure the safe use of the internet and other electronic media in school. Please read our E-Safety policy below. 


The internet can be great fun. You can chat to your friends, play games and learn about new things. But it is also important to remember to keep SAFE on the Internet. 


Sometimes things happen which can make you upset. People may say mean things which make you feel sad, or you may see something that you don’t like. If this happens, you must remember it’s not your fault.


TELL AN ADULT YOU TRUST if you are upset or worried about something that has happened to you.

They can help you to report it at CEOP.


Here are a few useful links to websites that can give you lots of information to help you to protect your child online.