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The Heys Primary School The Heys Primary School

Maths (Click here)

We had to use the vocabulary linked to position and direction, to direct our friend to find the object on the playground.

We have been looking at quarters in maths

We having been looking fractions. We looked at a 'Whole' apple and then cut it into 2 equal halves.

We have been measuring in centimeters using a ruler.

Counting in twos.

This week in maths we have been looking at length, we have been looking at longest and shortest and having lost of fun.

World maths day. We were given real life problems to solve. We had to estimate and then find the actual answer. We worked collaboratively to solve the problems.

We have been looking at 'Tens' and 'Ones' this week in maths.

We have been learning our number bonds to 10.

Timetables Rockstar for the day! We rocked!