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Year 1

            Welcome to the Year 1 class page!



Autumn 1

Hello everyone and welcome to Year 1! 

Myself and Mrs Shepherd are thrilled to begin our journey together this year. What a busy and fun term we have planned!
We will be using this page to share important information, key events, links to websites and much more. 


If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to send me a dojo message, or by coming to see one of us at the end of the school day.


I am really looking forward to seeing the children thrive in their learning this half-term.

Mr Eliot

English: This is the book we are reading and focusing on.


Our first maths focus is Place Value. We will be learning to count, read and write forwards and backwards from any number 0 to 20. We will also be learning to recognise, name and sort 2-D and 3-D shapes.




In science this half term, we will be observing and describing the weather associated with the seasons and how day length varies.  We will also learn to identify and name a variety of everyday materials, including wood, plastic, glass, metal, water, and rock and the physical properties of these.



In computing, we will be learning about E-Safety and how we can stay safe online. We will learn to sort items using a range of criteria. We will be able to use a range of appliances and devices in order to communicate ideas, work and messages.


In geography, we will use world maps, atlases and globes to identify the United Kingdom and its countries as well as the countries studied. We will be able to identify where London is on a map and then manage to create and plot features to create our own maps of London.


In PE, we will develop our skills in jumping, skipping and running and be able to jump/skip/run in different directions and at different speeds. We shall also develop our balance on the floor and on apparatus and perform a sequence. 


In PSHE, we will learn to understand the rights and responsibilities of being a member of Year 1 and the wider school community. We will recognise what is right, what is wrong, and that the choices you make have consequences. We will be able to recognise different emotions as well as understanding that we are all unique.


In art, we will express our creative side and use paints to investigate what happens when you mix different coloured paint together.


In music, we will learn about rhythm and pulse and be able to march in time with the pulse and be able to copy and clap back rhythms.


Autumn 1 homework grid.

Bedtime Book Launch PowerPoint

By the end of Year 1, children should be able to read and spell all of the Common Exception words.

The Heys Primary School Phonics Scheme

Year 1 2021-2022