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The Heys Primary School The Heys Primary School


Properties of materials-irreversible changes. The children made charcoal in forest school. See the before and after photo.

Properties of materials-dissolving. Which kitchen items are soluble and insoluble? There were a few surprises!

Properties of materials-investigating thermal heat and thermal insulation

Learning about cogs

Simple machines-levers, pulleys and gears.

Investigating air resistance using parachutes

Zoom with a space scientist from the Royal Astronomical Society. She inspired us to write job applications.

Investigating the surface of the 'moon.'

Our models of the Earth, sun and the moon

Still image for this video

Learning about the Earth's movement around the sun

Dissecting flowers to identify the parts of a flowering plant.

Designing our own seeds. We had to think about how our seed would disperse.

Experimenting with paper copters (inspired by sycamore seeds)