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In our Science lessons we have a 'Scientist of the week'. This person wears a Science Lab Coat and records a key vocabulary word linked to their learning. 

This half term we are learning about plants. For our first lessons we have been looking closely at seeds and blubs, using magnifying glasses and then drawing what we can see. 

Science Week


For Science week this year are planted 4 sunflower seeds, we kept two in the light and then put two in the cupboard to see what would happen. 

We have been looking at the properties of materials and which ones we think would be good to help the Pirate build his boat. To find out we decided to carry out an experiment testing a range of different materials. We wanted to see if the materials were waterproof, absorbent or durable.

We talked about our predictions of the different materials before carrying out or experiments.

The children also made sure they were carrying out a fair tests. 

The children carried out an experiment to show the importance of washing our hands with soap.