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The Heys Primary School The Heys Primary School


Spring 1 classroom learning

The children used the playdough to find out how the shapes of solid objects can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching.

The children have been looking at a range of different materials this week in our science lesson. The children worked together as a team to classify a the materials on the table based on their properties. 

The children did this in a number of different ways including, transparent and opaque, hard and smooth, bendy and rigid. 

Our butterflies have hatched and the children were eager to set them free into the great big world. 

The children have been excited watching the butterfly life cycle happen in our classroom. 

We have been learning about germs, and the importance of hand washing. The children carried out an experiment, firstly making predictions about what they think will happen when they put their hand in water with glitter. 

Then the children made a prediction what will happen when they put their hand in the same water, but this time with soap on their hands. 

Week 4 of the caterpillar life cycle - The caterpillars have now been moved into their new habitat

Week 3 of the Caterpillar Lifecycle - They have now gone into their chrysalis.

The children have been set a challenge to predict what they think that butterflies will look like when they come out of the chrysalis . 

Week 2 of the caterpillar lifecycle

This half term we are learning about animals including humans and we are very lucky to be able to watch a life cycle take place in our classroom. 


We have caterpillars!


The children have been investigating how we need to look after then caterpillars.