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The Heys Primary School The Heys Primary School


Spring 1 PE learning

Year 2 - Team Building 

Year 2 have been learning to:


-Develop and apply teamwork skills in pairs and small teams to complete all of the challenges successfully. 

-Demonstrate a strong understanding of what makes an effective team.  

-Create and apply simple tactics

This week the children worked in small groups of 4 and were given the challenge to get from one side of the hall to the other without stepping outside of the hoops.

The children needed to work with their team, talking, sharing ideas and creating simple strategies together. 


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This week the children were learning about trust. The children worked with their talk partner and had to give them different instructions, leading their partner around the hall.  To make this ore difficult we added obstacles and the children had to guided their partner who had their eyes shut. 

This half term in our PE session we have been learning about team building, working together, developing an understanding of why it is important to work in a team. 


We are starting to learn what makes an effective team and what we can do to develop our team building skills.