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Feedback page

Recently the school carried out a survey to gather parent/carer views as to the effectiveness of school's communication with them.

There was also room on the questionnaire for comments on how school can improve. We are grateful to all parents and carers who took the time to complete the questionnaire (we sent out around 260 surveys and received 39 responses), your comments and responses were really helpful.

The overall results were positive and we have attached our findings, together with the actions the school will take to improve any issues raised.

Key Findings

  • Communication between the school and parents/carers is perceived as very positive, with 87% agreeing that they feel well informed.
  • 97% of respondents felt comfortable approaching the school with questions and that staff made themselves available for discussions.
  • 73% of respondents also thought the presence of the Deputy / Head in the playground waseffective.

Ways of Communicating


Frequency of Communication

  • Parents/carers indicated they wanted better communication for extra curricular activity and events, with more notice to be given.

Response: While school has always tried hard to give parents and carers as much notice as possible, we recognise that in some cases this may not always have happened. We have taken your concerns into account, and as a result the school has decided it will undertake the following steps :

  • All events requiring payment for school visits and activities be given at least one month’s notice.
  • All activities and events not requiring payment will be given at least two week’s notice.
  • As much notice as we can reasonably give for all other activities – some are short-notice in nature (e.g. club cancellation) where staff are not always aware that they will be occurring.
  •  Spotlight on Learning was a very well attended event and most parents agreed that they found it relevant and useful.
  • End of year report is generally considered as well understood , although 13% of respondents disagreed.

Response: As a result the school has decided to take action and provide a simple key at the bottom of the report and additional explanatory notes to be sent out with the End of Year Report.

  • Parents/carers also indicated that they wanted more guidance for those who wish to support their child’s learning.

Response: Home to school diaries will therefore be utilised better and will in future include more comments from teachers.

 School Website and Blog

  • Over 70% of parents/carers consider the school website as a very useful source of information, but feel that the content and navigation could be

Response: As a result of your feedback the school will visit the website regularly and provide any relevant updates and make the site easier to navigate.


  • Nearly all respondents felt that the newsletter is useful and relevant, however its frequency could be improved.

 Response: Following your feedback the school will:

  • Publish the newsletter once a week , highlighting key events and more communication about the school achievements and successes.
  • Continue to review communications on a regular basis and aims to create better relationships by nurturing a two way dialogue between parents/carers and staff.

Further to your feedback parents/carers also supported the idea of the creation of a parents council. We would greatly appreciate any interest and welcome volunteers.