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Spring 1 classroom learning

The children worked with their talk partner to recap their learning from Year 1 all about 2d shapes. 

The children played a pairs game, matching a 2d shape with its name. 

During our maths lesson we have been using the base ten to add two 2-digit numbers (across 10), We have been learning how to make exchanges. 

The children have been using the base 10 to represent a range of different numbers. 

The children have been using number lines to support subtracting a 1-digit number from a 2-digit number across a 10. They have also been using their knowledge of number bonds. 

We have been using different equipment to learn how to subtract from a 10. 

Bonds to 100 in tens. 

The children have been using a range of different equipment to find the number bonds to 100 and record what they have found. 

Counting in 3's. The children have been ordering numicon cards in the 3 times table. 

The children have been writing on the tables this week! 

They were comparing different amounts and then writing the mathematical sentences to match. 


For example

56 > 1 ten and 9 ones

56 is greater than 19.

19 is less than 56. 

The children were picking two numcion pieces from the tray and using the greater than, less than and equal too symbol to compare them. 

This half term we have been learning about place value. The children have been using a range of different equipment, including numicon, beads strings, unifix and dens. 


The children have been using the different equipment to show tens and ones.