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Discovery - Water, Water Everywhere


This week we have learned about the water cycle and created posters to explain about the water cycle. We learned some key vocabulary like EVAPORATION, CONDENSATION, PRECIPITATION AND ACCUMULATION and we have learned about large bodies of water.

The children were very creative with their posters and worked well together to make them informative and appealing!


Discovery - The Stone Age


Over the course of this half term we have read many books relating to the Stone Age. One of them was 'Ug: The Genius Boy of the Stone Age.' In this story, Ug is desperate for new trousers because he doesn't like his trousers that are made from stone. He wants softer trousers.

Therefore we set off to work! We designed and created a new pair of trousers for Ug and used our cutting and sewing skills to put them together. Here are the finished pieces!

Discovery - The Stone Age


This week we are learning about Stonehenge. We recreated our own version of Stonehenge using lollypop sticks. To do this, we had to use our teamwork, problem solving and creative skills!

Science - Rocks


We have looked at the school's collection of rocks and thought about what type of rock each one is. Firstly, we considered whether they were igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary. Then, we looked at some common rock types and tried to match each rock. 

Discovery - The Stone Age / Europe


Take a look at some of our learning from this week in discovery! We have learned about some human features of Europe, including some key landmarks that are famous and we have identified which country they are in using our map skills.

We have also learned about food that was eaten in the Stone Age and even made some Stone Age Stew and tasted it! We wrote some fantastic instructions about how to make it, so that all our Stone Age friends can try it too.

Maths - Place Value


Over the last few weeks we have been learning all about 3 digit numbers and their place in the linear number system. We have learned to represent these numbers using different resources and have learned to estimate where numbers belong on number lines with different intervals. 

Take a look below at some of the work from our maths books!

Roald Dahl Day


For Roald Dahl day the children and teachers had a great time dressing up as a character or wearing his favourite colour - yellow!

In year 3 we focussed on the book 'Matilda' which the children enjoyed learning about.

We created a poster for a new headteacher to replace the awful Ms Trunchbull and we also created Matilda illustrations based on Quentin Blake's work.

Take a look below!