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Human and Physical Features


We looked at how a river starts and what happens if it comes in contact with obstacles

We have been looking at school playgrounds in different countries and comparing them to our school playground. 


The children have then designed their ideal playground. Using the compass to describe where we would put the different equipment. 

For History day this year the children dresses as if they were from the time of The Great Fire of London. They performed an assembly for the whole school. 

We have been learning how to use an atlas. 

We have been locating different places within the world. 

Where is the equator?

What is the climate in Europe? How do we know?


What does the word climate mean?

Can you compare hot and cold countries?


This half term in our geography sessions, we have been learning about the 7 different continents and the 5 different oceans. 

The children have really enjoyed signing along to these two songs. 

Seven Continents Song

Five Oceans Song