Lunch Menu 

Our school meals are provided by Carillion, through Tameside Council.  The current price of a school meal is £2.13 per day (£10.65 per week).

Meals should be paid for weekly on a Monday. You can either pay in cash or by cheque (payable to TMBC).  All monies must be in an envelope stating your child's name, class, amount and what it is that you are paying for.

Alternatively you can pay online via the Tameside website.

At The Heys, our school lunch menu is Halal. Click to view the latest copy of the Menu. 

Primary School Catering Service

Please could you take a few moments to fill in the survey about the Primary School catering service that is

currently provided by Carillion? Please follow this link to complete the survey.  Thank you.


Exciting News! Your child now has a choice of what they eat at lunchtime.

 Following on from our feedback from parents and children around the choice of food available. We have consulted with our food provider, Carillion and decided to change the way your child selects their meal.

 This will commence on the 31st October 2016. We need your help to make it happen.

 There will be four options each day.

  • 2 hot meals
  • Jacket potato with filling
  • Sandwiches

 Children from Reception to Year 2 are eligible to free school meals. In years 3 to 6 the cost of a meal is £2.13 per day (£10.65 per week) unless your child is entitled to a free school meal.

 Children will need to give a terms notice if they wish to switch between school meals and sandwiches. If your child is currently on sandwiches and would like to try school lunches then please complete the form attached.

 How it’s going to work

 Your child will bring home a pre order form menu, which is attached. Your child will need to choose one option for each day of each week for weeks 1,2 and 3 (please let it be their choice).  The Pre order form menu needs to be back by Friday 7th October 2016 for all children in Reception up to year 6.

 We have to collate all the information so the correct amount of food is ordered.

We hope that this will address a lot of the issues raised by parents and children around school meals, we see this as a positive move forward.

 A question and answer session will be held on Wednesday 5th October in Year 2 Mrs Bryan’s classroom @ 3.30pm so we can answer any queries that you or your child may have.

 We understand that there may be some minor hiccups, but your assistance in in making the changes is gratefully appreciated.

 Thank you for you continued support

 Mrs Harwood

School Business Manager